1/35 WWII German Sd.kfz.167 StuG.IV Last Production with Pi
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1/35 WWII German Sd.kfz.167 StuG.IV Last Production with Pi

This 1/35 Full Detail Upgrade Set includes
(1)Photoetched Frets * 15
(2)Resin Ammo Drum for MG34/42 * 1
(3)Brass Preformed Vertical Exhaust Pipes * 2
(4)Resin Exhaust Pipe Bases * 2
(5)Turned Brass Pivots * 10
(6)Preformed Springs * 7
(7)Brass Hollow Pipe * 4
(8)Metal Cable (Ø0.5mm) * 400mm
(9)Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suitable for Dragon 6647 Kit

Detail Summary
(1)Reworked Pivot-Mounting Swinging Type Hull Side Armour Skirts System
- Reworked Full Set of Armour Skirts
- Reworked Full Set of Mounting Brackets with Turned Brass Pivot * 10
- Armour Skirts Can Swinging Freely when Pivot-Mounted
(2)Full Set of Reworked Track Fenders
- Both-Sides Detailed Folding Front/Rear Mud Flaps with Preformed Springs
- Realistic Supporting Frame Layout Like Real Vehicle
- Both-Sides Detailed Anti-Skid Plates
- Flaps for Hull Side Engine Cooling Air Vents Included
(3)Late-Type Spare Track Links Mounts with Track Links Lock on the Hull Bow Plate
(4)Reworked Mounting Brackets for Spare Track Links on the Hull Front Glacis Plate
(5)Preformed Coil Spring for Gun Barrel Travel Lock
(6)Headlamp Damaged Status (Optional)
(7)Reworked Folding Covers for Driver’s Periscope
(8)Full Interior Detail of Driver’s Hatch
(9)Reworked Rain Gutter
(10)Moveable True-to-Scale Thickness Gun Sight Sliding Cover
(11)Reworked Exterior of Late Type Commander’s Cupola
(12)Full Exterior & Interior Detail of Late Type Commander’s Hatch
(13)Accurate Shaped Shield for "Rundumfeuer" 360-Degree Machine Gun Mount
(14)Periscope Sight for "Rundumfeuer" 360-Degree Machine Gun Mount
(15)Resin Ammo Drum for MG34 with Various Length Ammo Belts
(16)Full Interior Detail of Late Type Loaders Hatches
(17)Full Set of Detailed Clamps/Mounting Brackets for On-Vehicle-Tools
(Optional Empty Status of Clamps/Mounting Brackets)
(18)Mounting Brackets for Wooden Jack Block(Preformed Spring for Fasten Chain Included)
(19)Brass Hollow Pipe for Barrel Cleaning Rod
(20)Reworked StuG.IV Featured Spare Road Wheels Storage Tray
(21)Reworked Starboard Spare Track Links Mounts
(22)Reworked Early/Late Type Notek Multifunction Rear Convoy Light
-Detailed Supporting Brackets
-Optional Panel for Early Type Notek Multifunction Convoy Light
(23)Added Covers to the Key Holes on the Engine Deck
(24)Reworked Mounting Hooks for Spare Track Links on the Hull Rear Plate
(25)Reworked Tow Cable Hooks on the Hull Rear Plate
(26)Metal Tow Cable (Ø0.5mm) * 150mm *
(27)Brass Preformed Late Version Vertical Exhaust Pipes With Resin Base

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