1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz. 7/1 2cm Flakvierling 38 - Armour Dr
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Item Code: GRM-BPL35023

1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz. 7/1 2cm Flakvierling 38 - Armour Dr

1/35 WWII German Sd.Kfz.7/1 2cm Flakvierling38(Armour Driver's Cab Version) Premium Edition
[Resin Radiator Housing&Resin Flakvisier40 Sight with Resin Late Type Sight Bracket Inside]

This 1/35 Full Detail-Upgraded Set includes
(1)Photo-Etched Frets * 20
(2)Resin Radiator Housing * 1
(3)Resin Flakviser 40 Gun Sight Parts * 2
(4)Resin Late Type Sight Bracket * 1
(5)Resin Dynamo * 2
(6)Film for Gun Sight Instrument Panel * 1
(7)Decal for Driver Cab Dashboard * 1
(8)Thread * 500mm
(9)Brass Hollow Pipe * 1
(10)Auxiliary Material: ABS Rod, Brass Wire
Suitable for Dragon Kit Number 6533

Detail Summary
Sd.Kfz.7/1 (Armoured Driver’s Cab Version) Vehicle Body Section
(1)Resin Radiator Housing
(2)Krauss-Maffei & Borgward Name Plate
(3)Additional Protective Armour Plate for Radiator (2 Types )
(4)Radiator’s Double Side Mesh
(5)Add Rich Details on the Engine Including Wiring
(6)Heat Guard Plate of Exhaust Manifold
(7)Reworked Perforated Support Brackets on the Engine Bay Firewall
(8)Fabric Web Padding on the Rear Side Edge of Radiator Housing
(9)Hooks with Spring to Lock the Top Cover of Engine Bay
(10)Engine Compartment Side Panels w/Cooling Slots (2 Types )
(11)Underside Support Brackets of the Front Wheel Mudguards
(12)Treadplate for Side Steps
(13)Detailed Instrument Panel w/Decal + Film
(14)Detailed View-Port Covers
(15)Detailed On-Vehicle Tools Brackets
(16)Reworked Hinges Make 4 Combination of 2 types of Platform and 2 Types of Folding Side & Rear Panels
(17)Reworked Rifles Rack
(18)Reworked Bench Seat
(19)Reworked Rear Folding Steps
(20)Reworked 2 Types of Hatch for Rear Spare Road Wheel Locker
(21)Detailed Winch w/Winch Cable
(22)Reworked Early Type Notek Multifunction Rear Convoy Light with Optional Panel
Vehicle Mount 2cm Flakvierling38 Early / Middle / Late Production Section
(1)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Main Shield
(2)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Gun Mantle
(3)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Equilibrator Shield
(4)Reworked True-to-Scale Thickness Gunner’s Visor Shield
(5)Reworked Spent Shell Collector Box with Folding Lid
(6)Resin Flakvisier40 Sight for Flakvierling38 Early / Middle Production
(7)Reworked Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight for Flakvierling38 Late Production
(8)Resin Late Type Sight Bracket for Flakvierling38 Middle / Late Production
(9)3 Types of Sight System Selectable
- Flakvisier40 Sight System for Flakvierling38 Early Production
Resin Flakvisier40 Sight with Early Type Switchbox & Early Type Sight Bracket
- Flakvisier40a Sight System for Flakvierling38 Middle Production
Resin Flakvisier40 Sight with Resin Late Type Switchbox / Sight Bracket
- Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight System for Flakvierling38 Late Production
Schwebekreisivisier38 Sight with Resin De-Functional Switchbox & Late Type Sight Bracket
(10)Resin Dynamos for Flakvisier40/40a Sight System
(11)Optional Round Plates w/Raised Rib on Front Spent Shell Collector
(12)Detailed Ready Ammo Magazines Racks
(13)Detailed Ammo Magazine Receiver Bracket
(14)Dust Covers for Ammo Magazine Receiver (Optional)
(15)Detailed Gunner’s Firing Foot Pedals
(16)Detailed Gunner’s Seat Support Arm
(17)Detailed Cable Drum Bracket
(18)Detailed Elevation Angle Scale
(19)Detailed Pulley Trigger Mechanism
(20)Detailed Lower Carriage Storage Box with Folding Cover
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