1/72 StuG.III Ausf.F
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1/72 StuG.III Ausf.F

Barcode: 0 89195 87286 9
Case Pack: 48
Box Size: 6.4" x 10.2" x 1.5"

The Sturmgeschütz III (StuG.III) has the distinction of being Germany’s most widely produced AFV of WWII, with 10,619 eventually manufactured. Based on the chassis of the Panzer III, it was cheaper and faster to build since it did not have a rotating turret. Once German troops began encountering heavily armored Russian tanks, the StuG III Ausf.F was fitted with a longer 7.5cm gun. This marked the StuG.III’s first true emergence as a tank destroyer rather than as an infantry support vehicle, with 359 vehicles of this variant produced from March-September 1942. Most Ausf.Fs were armed with a 7.5cm StuK 40 L/43 gun, but the final 31 examples featured a longer and more potent L/48 gun.

Dragon is proud to offer a new 1/72 scale kit of just such a StuG.III Ausf.F. It features completely new parts (except the lower hull), including the upper hull, fighting compartment superstructure, engine deck, sprocket/idler wheels and others. Moreover, for modeling convenience, the new road wheels and track run are made as one piece.
With Dragon having already issued a StuG.III Ausf.G kit in this scale, it’s now time for the preceding mark to receive the same high-quality treatment within the company’s 1/72 set of armored vehicles.
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