Special Ops: Journal of the Elite Forces & SWAT Units Vol. 4
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Special Ops: Journal of the Elite Forces & SWAT Units Vol. 4

ISBN: 962-361-160-9
Case Pack: 50 pieces per case
Box Size: 12" x 17.5" x 4"
Author: Various

- 64 pages
- 211 color photos

Articles in this book

1) Belgian Special Forces Group
Despite having its own Special Forces Group and plenty of operational experience in places like Kosovo and the Congo, it's not often this elite force from Belgium receives any publicity in the media. And certainly not the degree of exposure given in this Special Ops article! Operators and their equipment are clearly shown, while their organization is covered in the accompanying text.

2) French Legionnaires in Afghanistan
France continues to deploy troops to Afghanistan, and who better to cover them than a French photojournalist in the form of veteran Yves Debay. This article looks at "Marsouins" (French Infantry Marines) of 21eme RIMa and 6eme BLB as they perform stabilization operations in the strategic area north of Kabul.

3) Maritime Counterterrorism Autumn Waves
Maritime terrorism is a very real threat, and military forces need to prepare for it. This was the purpose of Exercise Autumn Waves, which brought together 240 troops from the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and UK. The article shows various Special Forces personnel in action, including remarkable close-ups of personnel and the weapons they're trained to use.

4) Polish 1st PSK Commandos
This unit can trace its lineage back to commando units formed in WWII, and it provides Poland with a different range of skills to the GROM counterterrorist unit. 1st PSK has matured through recent operational experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this article looks at both combat areas, as well as pre-deployment training in Poland itself.

5) Swiss Para Recon
Fallschirmgrenadiere Kompanie 17 of Switzerland serves as a long-range special reconnaissance unit designed to operate deep behind enemy lines. It's the only paratrooper unit in the Swiss Army, but its small size belies the big tasks it can perform with its independent teams consisting of 4-6 men. This elite unit is here showcased with a whole range of their equipment and weapons.
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