1/35 Mittlerer Einheits PersonenKraftwagen(m.E.Pkw) Kfz12(Ea
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1/35 Mittlerer Einheits PersonenKraftwagen(m.E.Pkw) Kfz12(Ea

1/35 Mittlerer Einheits PersonenKraftwagen(m.E.Pkw) Kfz12(Early Version) & 2.8cm sPzB41 On Larger Steel-Wheeled Carriage w/Trailer Sd.Ah.32/2

The Kfz 12 was a medium size cross country vehicle manufactured in Germany by the Horch company. It was widely used by the German army as a staff car and personnel carrier during WWII. The car was built by several companies including Auto-Union and Opel from 1937 to 1943. The Kfz 12 was a 6-seater car variant as the standard personnel carrier. A towing hitch was standard so it could tow a 700 kg trailer or small artillery piece.
The 2.8 cm Schwere Panzerb├╝chse 41 was designed as a result of squeeze-bore experimentation in Germany, dating back to 1903. In 1939 the Mauser-Werk AG designed the Gerate 231 anti tank rifle based on the Gerlich principal. The weapon had a tapering bore which reduced the soft metal jacket of the projectile from 28 mm to 20 mm. The tapering barrel construction resulted in a very high muzzle velocity of 1,400m/s, which greatly increased armour penetration. At 100 meters up to 75mm of vertical armour plate could be penetrated. A total of 94 Mauser guns were tested in 1940 and the weapon was put into production as the 2.8 cm s.Pz.B.41 early in 1941. Production continued until 1943 with a total of 2,797 weapons being completed.
Since the carriage of sPzB41 did not have spring suspension which is not suitable for long-range transportation, the SdAh32 ammunition trailer was re-designed to add 2 loading ramps and installed a large stowage bin for ammunition boxes to carry sPzB41. The official name is Sd.Ah.32/2
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